Announcing Perfect Pic for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch

I am absolutely elated to reveal after months of toil and hard work my first app, Perfect Pic has now been approved for sale on the iTunes App Store.

Together with my co-founders Sean Bammer and Manoj Das and with the help of Bawtree Software, we have created an app that we think can help everyday people capture truly amazing photos of difficult subjects.

Moments that were once virtually impossible to capture by the common everyday user can now be photographed with ease by shooting a high definition video on your iPhone or iPad and using the Perfect Pic app. There is no need to use any other app; you can shoot your video, select a photo, crop, zoom, add filters and share all within the app. Perfect Pic can also open videos from any app that can store videos, be it Dropbox, Mail, imported directly from iTunes etc. Sharing your amazing pictures is fast and easy. Users can save, email, and post on Facebook or Twitter full size images instantly.

How to capture the perfect picture:

1. Open the Perfect Pic app a choose a video or record a new one

Select a Video in Perfect Pic

Perfect Pic imports all of your existing videos so you can easily select a video and begin.


2. Play back the video at your choice of three different speeds

Perfect Pic Video Playback

Play back the video at your choice of three different speeds


3. Pause the video when you are close to the right spot, then flip through pics frame by frame at up to an amazing 64 frames per second

Perfect Pic Coverflow

Choose a picture by browsing through the video frames at 1, 32, or 64 frames per second.


4.  Find the perfectly timed photo, crop, zoom, add filters, save and share!

Perfect Picture from Perfect Pic
View the selected frame in full screen, pan, and zoom.

For more information on the Perfect Pic check out our website, facebook page, and Twitter.

Now stop wasting time and Download the Perfect Pic App!

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    At a boy, easy download, simple to use.

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