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The day IE 6 Died.

Wednesday, April 22nd, 2009

This day, which to so many developers has been all but a dream may actually be coming sooner than you think. After stealing time, money, and sanity from web developers for over 7 years the end may be near for Internet Explorer 6.

Microsoft has announced that starting the 3rd week in April they will be releasing IE 8 as an Automatic Update to all Windows users running IE 7 or less. This is in sharp contrast to the release of IE 7 as a recommended update, something that you would have to go to the windows update website and deliberately download. Using automatic updates now means that even grandma’s computer, which some grandson turned on automatic updates for, will now be upgraded to a modern, somewhat standards compliant, browser. 

May confetti rain down from the heavens and the developers of the world gather together and sing kumbaya.

With this development the only lingering remnants of IE 6 should be office computers in giant monolith corporations with archaic IT restrictions, Windows 2000 users and, the ultimately dangerous, windows users with automatic updates turned off. For these stragglers, particularly the last group, I personally endorse the subtle use of IE upgrade messages such as and my personal favorite Clearly these options are not available for clients websites so in that case I recommend developers charge a surplus (something like 15%) for providing IE 6 support since supporting IE 6 really does add many hours of extra work and extra code.

Grab your shovel cause its time to bury the beast.